Service Times

Sunday Morning
10.30am - 12.00pm

Sunday Evening
Temporary on pause

Bible Study
Wednesday - 7.00pm


Evening meetings are temporary on pause due to fellowship meetings after Sunday mornings' worship service.

We are Born Again Christians on the Mediterranean island of Malta who love the Lord Jesus Christ, want to worship Him, study His Word and share His love with others.

About Full Gospel Praise Centres

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What is the "Full Gospel"?

To us, the "Full Gospel" that we believe, preach, teach and practice is all that is in the Word of God (the Bible).

When you have Christ and His Spirit in you, you will start to understand the Word of God fully. We are a denomination (a group of churches) which believes that what happened in the times of the Bible can also happen even today. We also believe that the book of Acts is still being written and not yet finished. The book of Acts is the History of the church and that history is still being written until the day the Lord Jesus comes and takes us (the church as His bride) home.

We believe The Holy Spirit experience in Acts 2, and Miracles in the name of Jesus Christ, are also for today. Only one thing we find in the Word of God that will not be repeated, the first advent of the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.

We read and believe that the Lord Jesus will return again as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He will come to reward those who are His and He will Judge those who opposed or refuse what we read in the Gospels. So we feel safe that we practice, preach and teach all that is in the W
ord of God fully.

There are warnings in the Word of God that we cannot take away or add to His word, because we will experience curses and death. The sixty six books in the Bible focus on One Person and on His Love towards mankind. 'Full Gospel' belief gives Glory to Jesus Christ.

I can go for ever explaining to you about the Fullness of the Love of God which is described in the Word of God, the Bible. If you want to know more about the "Full Gospel", all you have to do is read the Word of God on Daily basis, (renew your mind daily in Jesus Christ) and having Christ in your life. Accept Him as your Lord, He will forgive your sins and for sure you will understand His power and authority, not only that but you personally will use His power because you then as His child will become His temple. The place where He wants to live is in you. Come to Him and you will understand and know about Him fully.

You are welcome to join us as we worship together on Sunday mornings and evenings, Bible studies on Wednesday evenings and Fellowship on Saturday mornings. Come and be blessed....

Pastor Vince Fenech